Orange Mobile Wi-Fi Buyers Guide

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What is Orange’s Mobile Wi-Fi?

Orange’s Mobile Wi-Fi product is like the wireless router you have at home, but without all the wires and the added advantage of being pocket size. With Orange’s Mobile Wi-Fi, like other mobile Wi-Fi’s out there, you can connect up to five Wi-Fi enabled devices to Orange’s 3G mobile broadband service at the same time. This is ideal for those of you who want to connect to internet in a location where no other internet access is available.

Orange's Mobile Wi-Fi Device

Advantages and Disadvantages of Orange Mobile WiFi

With this device you can access your emails, check the latest football scores, or anything else you would use the internet for on your WiFi powered device, even when you are out and about. This is a step forward, because now you are not bound to one location to access the internet, you can still do it while you are on the move.

However before you do tie yourself into a long term contract, make sure you check out what kind of coverage the Orange Mobile Wi-Fi gives you in the places you are most likely to use it. If you don’t then you may end up with mobile Wi-Fi that doesn’t give you great coverage, which will slow down the speed at which a page loads, or even not connect you at all.

The device is small and light weight making it ideal for you to carry around with you, and also has a battery life of up to five hours, from a single charge.

Price Plans

Orange has a number of Mobile Wi-Fi packages available for customers, ranging from a month, to 12 months.

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